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Jul 30, 2011 11:15pm EDT
to the defense. >> big guys up front and taking up the bodies and making some big plays and -- they did that and he was phenomenal player. i am excited for him to be a redskin. >> i have experience in the defense. i am very excited about the talent that we have and have a great secondary positions and with me and boeing coming in on the d-line to help the guys, i'm excited about the defense. >> i am the type of guy who can run -- and i did in dallas, i'm used to playing them three-four and i also said when, where they signed cofeel, i knew that signing me we would be moving in the right direction. >> the team is praying praing without pads and there is little contact. that doesn't mean that accidents don't happen. yesterday, the top draft pick ryan kerrigan suffered a bone boost to the right knee. he said he felt better waking up this morning and he was not sure when he would be able to practice. he spent most of the time with the linebackers and watched them go through drills and worked with the coaches while wearing a compression sleeve on his right
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1